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Dr. Amit Bhingurde is recognized as one of the National Leading experts in Robotics and Automation, in the arena of innovation and manufacturing. He possesses a proven excellent executive management track record of over 27+ years of experience driving innovative growth in the Robotic Industry of India. He bears a wealth of knowledge in Robotics, Automation & Automotive Engineering. Amit started his career with Tata Motors Ltd and thereafter joined Kuka India as CEO & Vice President before joining back to TAL.

As a transformational executive with foresight and innovation Amit has created a history of surpassing ambitious business goals through delivering revolutionary technology innovations for the industrial development of the Nation by commencing start-up businesses. He has consistent testimony of positioning organizations for success, opening new revenue streams, and building highly proficient & skilled teams that establish a profound dedication to operational excellence. Strengthened by a strong network of client contacts, he has always been ready to hit the ground running and deliver results quickly.

Prior to the services at TAL, Amit was the CEO & President of KUKA systems India from 2008 t0 2013. KUKA is a Multinational Company involved in manufacturing Industrial robots and providing system solutions to Automobile, General Industries, Aerospace & Energy. He was one of the Board of Directors of KUKA India, where he led the Worldwide Sales and Partner Organizations, and helped drive and execute many of the company’s investment areas and strategy shifts. He was selected in the Worldwide Top Management (OFK) team of KUKA AG, Germany as a co-ownership of the company. Developing entrepreneurial life-force he has an innate ability to quickly identify and actualize appreciable ideas, employing insightful strategies that maximize organizational capabilities, operations and performance by leveraging best practices and cost-effective innovative solutions.

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