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CEO, SME Technology Development Council
CIO, ATOS Global and President, CioKlub Mumbai Chapter

Mr. Avinash Velhal has vast experience of 34 years in IT across Digital transformations, Outsourcing, Infrastructure and business applications. As a visionary Business Technologist and recognized thought leader, he has been an active panellist and as a subject matter expert writer, having appeared on panel of multiple tech forums on specific topics of Digital transformation, digitisation, digitalisation and technology upgradation for the benefit of the SME sector and manufacturing industries. Recently he has been bestowed with Top 7 technology leader in APAC, apart from multiple industry felicitations over a period of years. Currently he also holds the position of CIO, ATOS Global and President, CioKlub Mumbai Chapter.

Mr. Velhal will be responsible to carry out various activities for the benefits of SMEs and manufacturing industries related to industrial automation, IT, ICT, AI,VI, block chain, digitisation, digitalisation as well as to support SMEs for improvement of the productivity and its quality & innovation & invention and its commercialisation. The Council will be putting efforts to provide knowledge, hand holding, education, training, awareness programs and other support services for transformation of their business activities and quality productivity. The Council has a National Advisory Board and is looking for experts and competent to involve in various activities to educate and empower the SME sector for global competitiveness as well as to produce best quality products and services for the local and global markets. The Council will also take a lead to promote and market various IT & ICT products and services, advanced & patented technology, Robotics, advanced machines & equipment, turnkey projects, setting up of new industrial plants, technological upgradation, diversification and expansion of the manufacturing units, channelise funding, finance, incentives & encouragement for using advantages of various schemes & policies. The Council will be happy to seek support from top corporates & inventors to involve in various activities to brand and market their products.